The Kantian Philobabble

Have slowly been adding my i-Cybie collection of materials. Apologies that it is slow in coming.

Happenstances:You can call me Dr. now :-)

Other things:The time that we spend in the pursuit of the elders seems quite wasted since they never gave a sh** about us anyway.

By the way: Check out the machines at Cartheur.

iCybie work


Am focusing deeply on putting together the collections of i-Cybie code. I see so many still for sale on eBay that I think the community needs my support again. I will have this up soon. Emotionally and empathetically-speaking, I am doing it for him.

Happy new year: welcome to the year of the Horse


This time it is a wood Horse, translated as Tree, is the growing of the matter, or the matter's growing stage. Wood is the first phase of Wu Xing, yang in character [1].

Magnetic energy transfer


I am proposing a method to energize electrical tissues and soft-engagement of genes by a direct application of energy to the body, detailed here.

Wireless power skin


I am proposing a medical application of wireless power--the wireless power "skin". This device is used in many unique ways, detailed here.